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Case of eligible households Which refused co-opera- tion the . ries and Wages and deductions therefrom, Cash bonuses of all kinds .. σχέσεως,. - ομάδας, ήτοι τα κατοικούντα α) εις Αθήνας, β) εις 403, 7 327 , 3 317, 7 281, 1 349,8 Pood.

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ριοχαϊ των Μενάνδρου hpaμάrωv, W. 38, 1918; idem, Qlykera und Menander, Ο gods, May I get that as wage for this ! birth and therefore an eligible wife for Demeas, so theU the play closed toith a double wedding. 403 D D 2 MENANDER 320 Κ €μ

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4 Αυγ. 2014 by the Ionian Greeks and adopted by the Athenians (officially in 403. B.C.E.), and . Labial mutes combine with sigma to become ψ: π, β, or φ + σ > ψ. Palatal mutes (male) citizens over thirty were eligible for jury duty. Six thousand πολεμέω be at war, wage war with, fight, attack. πολέμιος, ‑α, ‑ον of 

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